Learning New Skills

I’ve now been a Dad for 5 days. We’ve got past the stage where we refer to baby’s age in hours, but aren’t quite ready to measure in weeks.

Having a brand new little person will teach you new things every day. Some are profound and life-changing. Others are a bit silly.

This post will concentrate on the latter.

So…while my wife is breastfeeding, she needs both hands to make sure our little lad is maintaining a good mouth-to-boob ratio. During longer feeds, there have been times when she has needed some water.

Now…I don’t want to brag but I’ve discovered that I’m really good at fetching water, then tipping the glass at the precise angle where she can drink without fear of having the entire glass emptied over her eyes and lips.

Basically, while she is helping to nourish our child, giving him the best possible start to life, I am secretly impressed with myself for not throwing a glass of water over my own wife.

This basically sums up my first few days of being a Dad. I want to get involved as much as possible…but end up feeling faintly useless.

It’s kinda like those men on American sports teams who are employed to touch other men’s bottoms. They don’t really contribute much…but they’re having a nice time

PARENTING LESSON: Get involved where you can…but realise that you can’t do everything

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